Benefits of Organic Baby Food

A lot more new parents are preferring to buy prepared organic baby food to feed to the new addition to their family. You will often find that although these parents want the best for their children they rarely eat organic food themselves.

Most manufacturers of organic baby food prefer to freeze their products rather than can or bottle them. The reason for this is that freshly frozen food actually not only retain their flavors better, but also the nutrients that are vital to a child as they grow.

Although it is easy to buy prepared baby food over time, this can prove to be very expensive especially when buying those that use only organic products in them. If you really want to save yourself some money but ensure that, your baby has a healthy well-balanced diet you could always make the food yourself. You can even save more money if you actually prepare and cook the ingredients in bulk and then freeze the right size portions.

When you are making your own baby food there are a number of good pieces of kitchen equipment that you will need. Firstly, you need to get yourself an electric blender or food processor, which will allow you to reduce the size of the pieces of food down to a size that they find easy to consume. Also, you need to get yourself a pot that is large enough for you to cook all the food in bulk. Finally, you will need either freeze bags or pots into which the meals can be placed and kept in the freezer once they have been prepared.

The first that you need to do with the organic food you are preparing is to thoroughly clean it. Then with your fruit and vegetables, you need to peel them and remove the seeds that could be dangerous if they become lodged in your baby’s throat.

If you are using any meats or fish in your recipes then you need to remove all the skin, bones and any fat that they have on them. Plus avoid adding any kinds of salts, spices or sweeteners to the food as you are cooking it.

When cooking the foods use as little water or fat (olive oil is best). Doing this will actually help the food to retain far more of the nutrients, minerals and vitamins that a growing child’s body needs. Do not cook the food for too long, as this will again cause a reduction in the amount of nutrients that they retain.

If you are not sure what meals you should be giving your baby there are plenty of places on the internet that can provide with a number of different organic baby food recipes that you can try. But whichever recipes you do decide to try it is important that you remember only to use the best ingredients possible in them. This will help to ensure that that food not only looks and tastes good, but has all the right nutrients in it as well for your child.