Cooking Utensils You Should Acquire

It seems like every cook has a drawer full of cooking utensils – way more than any cook needs. You can cook just about anything using just seven cooking utensils. What are the seven essentials?

No. 1 – Tongs

Tongs are one of the most important cooking utensils due to their numerous purposes. First of all, you can utilize them to turn steaks to their other sides without damaging them or push that spaghetti and placing it in boiling water. Moreover, they can also be used to reach those bottles of wine or wine glasses should you have any problem reaching them in your cabinets. But if you prefer nonstick types of tongs, then those silicone or plastic tongs can be great options.

2. Wooden Spoons

Wooden spoons are another of those basic cooking utensils that every cook needs. Wooden spoons can be used on nonstick cookware, cast iron pans, glass, and steel. They are inexpensive and beautiful to display.

3. Whisk

Whisks are known to be flexible cooking utensils. Not only are they used for scrambling eggs, they can also prevent any lump formation when making gravies or sauces. You may use those composed or plastic or silicone but if truly want the type of whisk that is long-lasting, then the stainless steel type is the perfect choice.

4. Versatile Spatula

Usually, flexible spatulas are used when someone prepares a breakfast meal since their functions are mainly on foods consumed in the morning. They are known to flip various foods such as crepes, eggs and most especially pancake.

5. Graters

Graters aren’t just for cheese any more. This useful cooking utensil can shred cheese, grate fresh nutmeg, mince a piece of ginger root, or zest a lemon. Once you buy a grater, keep it handy, because you’ll use it every day.

No. 6 – A Ladle

Ladles can also have numerous functions. The usual purpose of a ladle is to use it when serving soup. Nevertheless, they can also be helpful in assisting you should you wish to add broth in a risotto or getting a certain amount of batter in your bowl. Also, ladles can be utilized to measure fluids by using them to get water and putting the water in a measuring instrument. Whatever measurement the tool reads in congruent to how much it is filled in the ladle. This is truly useful when using a specific fluid measurement when preparing a meal.

No. 7 – A Colander

A colander is another cooking utensil you will use every single day. Use a colander to wash fresh vegetables, drain pasta, or rinse berries or salad greens or canned beans. A colander is great to use anytime you need to separate food from water.

You don’t need a big drawer full of cooking utensils. With these seven items, you can make virtually any meal.