Easter Special by Joel D’souza on the India Food Network

Mumbai, March 2013: India Food Network, India’s first full HD food network and a complete guide to simple and delicious home cooking, is in its festive spirit yet again to commemorate ‘Easter’. Make merry this Easter on 31st March 2013, with India Food Network as their very own talent- Joel D’souza shows you how to cook your perfect Easter meal and spread the Easter cheer among family and friends
Joel D’souza on the India Food Network prepares an array of mouth-watering dishes for your Special Easter Buffet- Roast Chicken with stuffing, Penne Mediterranean and Tomato Concasse on toast. Easy step by step, delicious recipes that will sweep your guests off their feet. And if that isn’t enough, the talented chef has put together a few handy tips of what can be done with your leftover Easter lunch.
India Food Network gives you an amazing opportunity to impress your loved one’s this Easter. Catch Joel D’souza on youtube, while he prepares his Easter meal and gives away his secret tips on what to do with your leftover Easter lunch. Here’s wishing you all a ‘Happy Easter’.
Roast chicken with stuffing
1.2 kg chicken (with skin)
Olive oil
Black pepper powder
Salt to taste
For cavity filling:
Sage leaves
2 limes
4 garlic pods
Pat the outer layer of the chicken skin to dry it down
Drying the skin is necessary for the chicken to get crispier
After drying down the chicken skin, butterfly the chicken
Butterflying refers to the process of taking out the backbone so that the chicken lays flat on the roasting pan and hence, cooks evenly and faster
Take a pair of kitchen knives
Pull the chicken by the tail and start cutting the ribs
Tip: You can save the back of the chicken to make stock later on
Press the chicken against the board to flatten it completely
Start applying oil on the chicken
Tip: Instead of oil, you can also use butter and apply it over the skin or use compound butter to put inside the skin
Massage the chicken well with olive oil
The massage will help make the chicken nice and crispy after roasting
Tip: Do not remove the skin of the chicken since the flavours are all there
Flip the chicken over
Sprinkle it with oil and continue massaging
After massaging the chicken with oil, add salt and pepper
Tip: You can apply spices and aromatics as per your preference
On a baking dish, put some rosemary, a few sage leaves, garlic and the limes
Place the chicken on top of the ingredients
The chicken is now ready to go into the oven
Tip: Make sure that the oven is pre-heated for the chicken to turn crispier
Roast the chicken at 220 degrees for 30 minutes
Take the chicken out of the oven and brush it with some more olive oil
Send the chicken back into the oven for 20 minutes
After taking it out again, rest the chicken for 10 minutes
The purpose of resting is to ensure that the meat becomes soft and tender
From the roasted chicken, first cut the drumsticks out
For better presentation, avoid cutting the chicken through the bones
You can sprinkle pan juice on top of the roasted chicken pieces

Tomato Concasse on toast
4 slices of brown bread
1 medium sized onion, cut finely
2 tbsp olive oil
6 medium sized tomatoes, cut finely
Salt to taste
Korean pepper powder for deep red color
1 whole lime
2 Sage leaves for garnish
1 tbsp fried onion
1 tsp rosemary
2 green chillies, finely chopped
¼ tsp ginger, minced finely
4 garlic, minced finely
1 tbsp black pepper powder
Heat oil in a pan
Add the onions
Sauté the onions for a while till the moisture draws out
Add salt if you want the moisture to draw out fast
The onions should turn golden brown in color
Add some salt
Once the onions have sautéed nicely, add garlic
Tip: Make sure that the garlic does not burn
Sauté the mixture for 10-30 seconds after adding garlic
Once the aroma of garlic starts coming out, add the remaining ingredients
Add ginger
Tip: For best results, add garlic and ginger in a 3:1 ratio
Add the green chillies
Add 1 tbsp of Korean pepper
Add the tomatoes
If you do not have Korean pepper, then you can also use regular red chilli powder, smoked or spiced paprika
Cook the tomatoes on a medium to low flame for about 15-20 minutes
Tip: The tomatoes should have a saucy consistency
Add pepper for flavor
Add the sage leaves
Add salt
Shake the pan well
Allow the ingredients to cook for 20 minutes
As the tomatoes cook, send the bread to toast
Cut the sage leaves for garnishing and add them to the tomatoes
Sprinkle the tomatoes with juice of one lime
Add fried onions when there is about one minute of cooking left for a sweet caramel taste
After removing the bread from the toaster, carve a circle out of its brown side with a cylindrical cutter
Take 1 tbsp of the tomato concasse and place it right on top of the toast
Penne Mediterranean
1 tbsp olive oil
50g whole wheat penne pasta
1/4 glass dry white wine
2 tbsp sun dried tomatoes
1 tsp chilli flakes
2 whole garlic cut into slices
1 whole vegetable bullion cube
30g roasted chicken
100 g button mushrooms
1 tbsp black pepper
Salt to taste
For every litre of water, you need one tsp of salt to boil the pasta
Add the penne pasta to the water
Keep the pasta in the water for 10 – 11 minutes
Add the vegetable bouillon cube to the stock water
Add the oil to the pan
Add the mushrooms on a high flame
Sauté the mushrooms till they turn brown and the juices evaporate
Add salt
Add pepper and give it a toss
Switch of the stock
Once the water releases from the mushrooms add the sun dried tomatoes
Add salt to open the pores of the mushrooms, which enhance the flavors
Add sun dried tomatoes
Add garlic
Add chilli flakes
Add the white wine to the mushrooms

Increase the flame to let the wine evaporate and let the flavors seep in.
Add the vegetable stock
Add the seasoning
Add pepper
Drain out the pasta
Add the chicken to ensure it gets the flavor of the wine
Add the pasta to the dish
To make the pasta thick, add corn flour or whole wheat flour to the sauce
Add the cilantro
You can add basil or parsley instead of the cilantro
You can either garnish with parmesan cheese or use extra virgin olive oil