Halloween Goodies Made At Home The Old Fashioned Way

When you think of Halloween, what comes to mind? Well, if you’re a kid, you think about treats! There’s no two ways about it ” kids and Halloween treats just go together. Whether your Halloween is all about Trick-or-Treat night or you’ve got a party planned, you know that something sweet will be part of the festivities.

Simple sweets get the star treatment when Halloween time approaches. No matter how much time you have to spend in the kitchen, or how little time, you can create homemade Halloween goodies to impress even your most demanding goblins! Even without a lot of cooking skill, there are treats you can make yourself that will be perfect for any Halloween festivity.

Cut-Out Cookies – Homemade cookies in pumpkin, ghost, and cat shapes are a traditional favorite in many families. Whether you make the cookies and frosting from scratch, or you buy ready made cookies and frosting, it’s all great Halloween fun! Tasty frosted cookies are always a welcome sight for your family and guests on Halloween night. There is nothing prettier than a big plate of shiny orange pumpkins, spooky ghosts, and satiny black cats. I don’t know which I like better, decorating the cookies or eating them!

Popcorn Balls – A good old fashioned treat, popcorn balls have been a traditional Halloween snack for many families for years and years. They are simple to make and are a welcome addition to any party table. Just melt together equal amounts of dark corn syrup and sugar, with a dash of salt. Bring the mixture up to a boil, then turn the burner off. Drizzle over your popped popcorn, toss so all the popcorn gets coated, then just start forming the popcorn into balls. Be sure to butter or grease your hands. You don’t want to make gigantic popcorn balls. Smaller ones, about the size of a tennis ball, are a little more manageable for a young child.

Keep a big bowl of water with ice nearby to dip your hands in. This serves two purposes – it cools down your hands after rolling that hot popcorn around, and it keeps the popcorn from sticking to your hands so much. After you have all your popcorn balls made, be sure to let them cool down, then wrap them up tightly in heavy duty plastic wrap or cellophane to give as gifts to all your family and friends out Trick-or-Treating. They also make a pretty, and yummy, centerpiece on your Halloween party buffet.

Caramel Apples – Big shiny caramel apples are certainly a beautiful sight to behold! But, kids normally have a rather difficult time trying to eat a full-size caramel apple. In fact, if you serve big caramel apples at a party, you are bound to find abandoned apples around the room with the caramel licked off! A better idea is to serve the caramel apple by putting dipping caramel in the bottom of a single-serving sized bowl, then sticking pieces of apple, apple wedges, into the caramel, then sprinkling with nuts. Give the apple wedges a quick squirt with some lemon juice before putting your caramel apple bowls together. This will help stop the apples from getting brown.

Frozen Hand Punch Bowl – When your party is a full-out spooky event, you’ll need some frightening foods. One classic that is easy and fun to make is The Hand. If you are serving punch, you’ll want this creepy effect. Ask your favorite deli worker for a couple of food-service gloves. Then all you need is some fresh water and a freezer. Just fill the glove with fresh cold water, close the cuff, prop it up in the freezer, and let it freeze preferably overnight so it’s good and solid. You can even create fingernails on your frozen hand. All you need is some strawberries and patience!

When those ghosts come around haunting your house for some sweet treats, you want to be ready for them! Start looking now for ideas for creating new goodies for your Halloween guests and friendly Trick-or-Treat goblins. Whether you want to spend hours baking cookies with your family or you’re more of the make it quick and get out of the kitchen kind, you’ll want to have recipes and ideas to get you started. Creating a new tradition with your family this Halloween creating old fashioned treats may be just the thing this year. Or, perhaps you want to try some new spooky ideas out on your unsuspecting guests. Whatever you have planned for this Halloween, get ready now so when those goblins come knocking, you’ll have Treats instead of Tricks!