Taking a look at healthy Quinoa

The super grain Quinoa is still not a common food but there is a reason why this native of South America used to be called the ‘gold of the Incas’. This grain has many health benefits and has the most complete protein compared to any other grain. It also has nine essential amino acids. This grain is in fact a great addition to any vegan’s diet due to its complete protein.

Other than that, Quinoa also contains the amino acid lysine which is what we need for tissue growth and tissue repair. In fact, Quinoa has so many other nutrients, it is no wonder that it is known as a super grain with complete proteins and nutrients for vegans, athletes, pregnant women or anyone needing a more completely healthy food in their diets.

Quinoa has high nutritional benefits as it has manganese, magnesium, iron, copper and phosphorus. This super grain that has a mild nutty flavor is also a non-allergenic food although it does contain oxalate so it is a restricted food for those allergic to oxalate. With all these nutrients, how healthy is Quinoa and how does one cook Quinoa? Read on to find out.

Quinoa is a heart-friendly food because of its magnesium content. Not only that, it is also great to prevent migraines, also due to the magnesium content. Magnesium is great for relaxing blood vessels and since migraines are due to constriction of blood vessels, Quinoa could prevent the regular onslaught of migraines. Quinoa also reduces the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease because it is a whole grain and research proved that regular intake of wholegrain breakfast like Quinoa lowers the risk of heart disease.

Quinoa also contains copper and manganese and these two nutrients are very good antioxidants. Antioxidants work to protect you from the harmful effects of free radicals. Not only that, Quinoa as a whole grain also protects women against breast cancer and prevents gall stones in women. With all these great health benefits, it is time you get a package of Quinoa and learn how to cook it!

You can find a lot of packaged Quinoa at stores and in abundance at natural food stores. Other than the common yellow Quinoa, you can find that it comes in other colors too from red to pink to even black. However, it all basically taste the same with a rich creamy and nutty taste and a crunchy texture. You only need to cook it by adding two parts water to one part Quinoa. It is like cooking rice. You can even use a rice cooker. There are also a lot of healthy Quinoa recipes out there so you can dress it up for a delicious and healthy meal. Now is just the right time to add Quinoa to your daily food ingredients.